My work revolves around the interaction between humankind and the external factors that surround us:  rigid social constructs, traditions, history, and modern industrial infrastructure. I am attempting to map out or decode the logic of what’s happening beneath the surface level of these systems.  In recent years, we have seen increased complexity regarding how we communicate and interact with one another through technology and the digital arena. We live within a framework of information overload where it is increasingly difficult to determine even what truth is, and the natural world is becoming less integrated in our lives.

 The abstract imagery I engage with emerges from plants, cells, organs, and harder edged, somewhat architectural structures. In the process of transferring ideas onto canvas, paper, or other media, I am inventing a hybrid universe which can consist of multiple elements that interact, move, and transform in relation to each other, or change themselves to fit into their surroundings. This imagery could be interpreted as metaphor for social as well as biological interaction, representing individual and/or collective dynamism within an organism or a broader culture; human consciousness trying to make sense of it’s place in an ever changing world.